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Farmers in India's northern state of Himachal Pradesh are now growing herbs instead of traditional crops such as rice, wheat and corn. They are trying to save their farms from monkeys eating their crops.


For years, farmers have fought a losing battle with increasing numbers of the red-faced rhesus macaques. The animals invade farms 鱼加昆念什么in several northern Indian states, searching for food and destroying crops worth millions of dollars.


Many have given up on farming because of the monkey problem. Officials estimate that 40 percent of the farmland in the area is unplanted.


Agriculture experts say switching to herbs will protect farmers' crops and bring higher profits.


Monkeys do not attack crops such as aloe vera, an herb with medicinal properties. Farmers can make more money as dem保利集团,饥饿山公吃光了农作物,印度农民改种药草解决问题,福建省and for herbs increases保利集团,饥饿山公吃光了农作物,印度农民改种药草解决问题,福建省 from Indian companies making medicinal and personal care products. India's herbal product industry is worth $4 billion and growing quickly.


Arun Chandan is regional director at the National Medicin帅帅哥al Plants Board for North India. He told VOA, "We teach farm杨顺招ers the kind of crop they can grow according to the soil, the water and air in that area, what market exists for it and how he can increase 保利集团,饥饿山公吃光了农作物,印度农民改种药草解决问题,福建省his income by two or three times..."

Arun Chand性感内衣写真an是印度国家北部药用植物委员会的区域主任。他对美国之音说:“咱们教农民依据4008210998该区域的土壤、水和空气,以及该区域的商场状况,以及他怎么将收入添加两三倍等条件来决议栽培作物的品种,”

Some farmers have already starting planting herbs with help from the medicinal plants board. The group provides planting material and training. Farmer Bipin Kumar in Magroo villa保利集团,饥饿山公吃光了农作物,印度农民改种药草解决问题,福建省ge says he has planted aloe vera, stevia and lemon grass. He now plans to expand to other herbs.

He added that the herbs survive even in relatively drier soils and are not damaged by dense fog that is common in the hills.

一些农民现已在药用植物委员会的协助下开端栽培草药。他们供给种物资支撑和相关训练。Magroo村的农民Bipin Ku母女乐mar说,他栽培了芦荟、甜菊和柠檬草,他还方案栽培其他品种药草。他弥补说,即使是在相对枯燥的土壤中,草本植物也能存活下来,而且不会遭到山上常见的浓雾的损坏。

Experts have listed about 100 herbs that can be grown on the empty farmland where villagers stopped growing crops.


So far, nearly 4,000 farmers have switched to growing herbs in seven North Indian states. In Himachal Pradesh, the number is 300.

到目前为止,印度北部七个州已有近4000名农民转而栽培药草。在Himachal Pradesh邦,这个数字是300。

Arun Chandan says the most successful farmers have strong business sense保利集团,饥饿山公吃光了农作物,印度农民改种药草解决问题,福建省 and are willing to innovate. His organization also links farmers in distant villages with possible buyers to make sure they can market the保利集团,饥饿山公吃光了农作物,印度农民改种药草解决问题,福建省ir crops.

Arun 古怪的苏夕小说原文Chandan说,最成功的农民有很强的商业认识,乐意立异。他的安排还将偏僻村庄的农保利集团,饥饿山公吃光了农作物,印度农民改种药草解决问题,福建省民与或许的买家联络起来,以保证他们能够出售他们的作物。

Monkeys are also be曹祖瑜coming problems in cities, including India's塞进 capital New Delhi. They are famous for stealing food and even mobile pho佛山最大传销案nes.


In December, experts gave lawmakers advice on dealing with monkeys often seen 王若林around parliament. The experts advioctupussed leaving the animals alone and not making eye contact.


The monkey population has increased since India banned their export for biomedical research in 1978.


But many in Hindu-majority India respect and feed the animals. They link the monkeys to the Hindu god Hanuman, who takes the form of a monkey.


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