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    1. 公司简介








      Xinchang Xianfeng Textile Machinery Co., LTD.was established in 2000,who has devoted itself to the advanced textile machinery’s design,manufacture,sale and service of electromechanical integration and intelligent.It is xinchang smrt textile printing and dyeing equipment industry association executive director unit.with its professional team,exquisite craftsmanship,superior products and first-class services,XFTM becomes the top manufacturer of the yarn covering and twisting field,enjoys a high industry &brand reputation.

      It is located in Xinchang high-tech industrial park,covers an area of 10,000 square meters as standard factory building,owns a full set of advanced processing equipment,adheres to the craftsman spirit of continous innovation,XFTM management first-class smare textile machinery strictlyaccoeding to the ISO9001;2008 quality management system,to save the energy of equipment and to improve the product performance.technology center has good cooperation relationships with Zhejiang university,to ensure XDTM’s adequate technical reserves,excellent R&D abilty abilty and continuous innovational products,so,we could have been ahead of the industyt,serve our customers better.

      As a first-class manufacturer of the covering and twisting rield,XFTM has developed the full Comprterized Spandex Covering Machine,Elastic Covering Machine,Gole/Silver Silk Covering Machine,Digital Two for one Twister,and High-Speed Composite Twister successfully.these series of producte are highly praised and widely approved by the markers and customers.with the abundance of products,the expansion of markers and the increasing of the customers,XFTMfounds an import and export and export company,to serve oversea customers with better products and technical supports.we have local seling netword in italy,turkey,india,Bangladesh,Uzbekistan and other countries.

      We are looking forward to your sincere cooperation,mutual benefit,create value,and share the joy of success.

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